Top 5 Best Tennis Games for PS4 & PS5

Do you know Tennis video games have a long history of most played games, In PS4 and PS5, there are only a few tennis games, but we choose only the best tennis games for you in this list. So, These are the best 5 tennis games for PS4 right now.

1. AO Tennis 2

Top 5  Best Tennis Games for PS4

Ap Tennis 2 is a better version of the amazing original AO tennis game. That’s why this game is at the top of our list. Because the Australian team develops this game, we can see Ashleigh Barty as one of the cover athletes. She is retired from sport but the most talented female in the video game.

We can download AO Tennis 2 from the community. Not only players, but we can also customize courts. It means you can recreate any tennis player in history and get them fairly accurate. Speed is realistic, Australian open licensing, and community-based downloadable content are the advantages of this game. 

2. Tennis World Tour II: Complete Edition

Tennis World Tour II: Complete Edition

This Tennis World second version is much improved from the original Tennis World Tour video game. This game has everything that a tennis game should have. It is well-rounded and more realistic, with better graphics and improved gameplay, which make it a good option overall. In this game, we can add more players and play offline and against others online.

This game looks more realistic on PS5 than on PS4. The game is still imperfect, but it is improving in the right direction, and the developer team’s aim is realism. The advantages of this game are that the speed is very realistic, it can add players to the roaster, and has an in-depth campaign mode.

3. Matchpoint


This video game has been released in recent times. An independent development team makes Matchpoint, and we can play this on PS4 and PS5. Because they are late to release they just have licensing with 13 male and five female players. 

This is right away from so many video games in terms of smoothness. So many tennis games feel herky-jerky and unrealistic, but not this. You can’t see No doubles and Lackluster career mode in this game. But the game is smoother, easy to learn, and can be played with multiplayer.

4. Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

If you want a game mix of realism and arcade style, Tokyo 2020 will be best for you. Players can play singles and doubles easily. Players can play this game with their friends, and it also has different levels of play. 

If anyone gets bored with tennis here, table tennis is also there, and many other sports are also there, from running sprints to wall climbing. If you are a casual fan of tennis, then you can play this. This game can be played easily; singles and doubles are available, and other sports are included. 

5. AO Tennis

AO Tennis

Our list of the best 5 tennis games for PS4 has AO Tennis and AOTenniss 2; these games might confuse some people. As I said, AO Tennis 2 is newer and more improved than the original AO Tennis. AO Tennis is still good and available at a cheaper price. If you don’t want to spend extra or unnecessary money, you can download AO Tennis. 

AO Tennis game is significantly cheaper than AO Tennis 2, and realistic gameplay and downloadable content are still available. These are the pros of this game. AO Tennis graphics is less sharp than AO Tennis 2.


So, these are the Top 5  Best Tennis Games for PS4 and PS5.To play on PS4, there are only limited games, and the best games are very low in numbers; we make this list based on the best Tennis games for PS4.


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