The Stars of The End Game Reveal Their Hottest Rods Ever

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Street Outlaws: End Game’s stars have brought the big guns and cars for their latest ‘Street Outlaws’ Discovery spin-off!

Street Outlaws have earned so much popularity on the Discovery Channel,   Street Outlaws: fastest in America to the recently launched sequel Street Outlaws: End Game premiered on 4 July.

Fans of Street Outlaws are watching  JJ Da Boss, Kyle Kelly, Axman, Ryan Martin, and Murder Nova who repair old cars and make them ready for street racing, these all are very exciting for the fans, Below we talk about the Street Outlaws cars in more detail!

Ryan Martin started this sequence with his dream car. On the Street Outlaws: End Game premier fans and enthusiasts have seen Ryan Martin purchasing before the selection of the 1970 Chevelle SS. We can He is describing the cars as his ‘Dream Car’. Often Ryan Martin can be seen driving the car with his famous and iconic fireball Camaro. 

This time JJ Da Boss has come with a “Chevy 2 Nova” 

In the 4th Episode of the Season 1 Discovery spin-off, whose topic is “JJ Da Boss Rebuild”, Street Outlaws’s Memphis star brings his kids to make the 1996 Chevy II Nova or Ziptie faster and to make it ready for upcoming racing.

They have replaces the engine and started the car successfully and this is a big achievement for them also celebrated this. In 2020 the JJ Da Boss lost his so many racing cars, In which the “Ole Heavy” named 1949 pickup truck is also included.

Murder Nova adds fuel to the “Fire Donk”

This time Murder Nova who came from Street Outlaws OKC, gave life again to a 1974 Chevrolet Caprice. His family is also supported in this his wife Erin, son Aiden, and father Richard were with him, and this work and scene also become the family time.  

We have seen the fixer-upper in the OKC days, though when they started the first time, the car is one of the most sold American cars at that time. The Murder Nova episode whose topic is “The Murder Nova Manifestation”, is the 5th episode of the sequence. 

Kye Kelley tests out a few whips before settling on the right one.

During the second episode of the sequence whose topic is “The Kye Kelley Experiments”,  we have seen the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings trying for other cars before the selection of “Claude Banks,” a 1987 Buick Regal.

In his previous attempts, a Mustang is also there, Before he started with the third-generation Camero he sold mustard on his property. The Fans of the Franchise can recall that he used to drive the “Shocker”  car which is a modified 1992 Camero which is sold again in 2018. 

Axman thinks XXXL with his build this time around.

In “The Axman Trials” which is the 4th episode of End Game, here we can see that Axman is repairing and reviving the 1934 Ford V-8 Deluxe in his property. In the old days, these cars are known as ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ cars.

Here his wife Sara, son Cameron, and  Nitro are also with him. They also take a drive together as a family which is very lovely in watching. This is different from 1963 Chevy II fans, as you can see in youtube videos.


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