Top 8 Realistic Games in Roblox with Insane Graphics

What is the most realistic game on roblox

Roblox is a gaming platform where people create and play games. People can also play games made by different developers. When we think of Roblox games, then basic and simple graphic games come to our mind which is like Minecraft.

But some games in Roblox are very realistic and fun, which have been made by the developers at a different level, now the experience of Roblox players is going to be great with these games. the old days are gone

For those who have been playing Roblox community games for so many years, we have found the best 8 realistic games in Roblox, which we have told below. Let’s see the Top 8 realistic games in Roblox whose graphics are insane.

8. Confinement

realistic roblox horror games

Confinement Game is one of the best horror survival games of Roblox. This game is very scary and above all, there are many different creatures in it. Its developers have paid a lot of attention to graphics details, so it looks more realistic.

7. Beyond the dark

7. Beyond the dark

If you are looking for an ultra-high realistic game on Roblox then Beyond the Dark game is best for you. The graphics of Beyond the Dark are discussed in the entire platform. With just one showcase, the game has become a real game on roblox games. You must play this game once on your device.

6. Frigid Dusk

Frigid Dusk

A biological weapon goes missing in Frigid Dusk, you have to investigate the places where that weapon has been used. The whole story of the game revolves around this. You have to uncover the mysteries of this game, you can play this game together with your friends and enjoy it.

5. Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder

There are two versions of Rolling Thunder, both are equally beautiful and fun. This is the best game in the most realistic games on this list. In this, the player fights with a team of 25 players against his opponent team, which is a very good feature. You can use different weapons to kill your enemies in the game.

After starting playing this game, you cannot pay attention to anything else, this game is that good. If you want to kill AI-controlled enemies and kill NPCs, this game is for you. This game is really awesome.

4. Livetopia


This is a role-playing game, we can play any role of our choice in Livetopia. There are some roles in the game that we have to choose and there are many things to do in it. The biggest feature of Livetopia is that its developers have kept everything in detail in the city.

In this, we can buy the house and make it as we want to see it. You can also drive in such a big city, you can drive a boat, you can even fly. Livetopia has a unique style and it is a realistic game.

3. Vehicle Legends

Vehicle Legends

One game that stands out from others in the Roblox platform is Vehicle Legends. You can do racing in Vehicle Legends, you can know all the designs of Vehicle Legends by driving. In this game, apart from cars, you can use planes, helicopters, and boats. In this, you can also buy better vehicles by earning money.

2. Hellreaver Arena

Hellreaver Arena

This is a great shooter game whose visuals are very good. When you mix quake and doom, you will get Hellreaver Arena. This game will be very good for advanced players. Make sure that you do not give this game in the hands of small children.

This game is inspired by Doom, so it is also a bit dark. While playing this game, you will get a very good experience, you have to make quick movements.

1. Frontlines


The graphics of Frontlines are very amazing and it is one of the most realistic platforms in Roblox games. Frontline games give it good competition in appearance like Call of Duty. We also remember the classic COD from this game.

Only 5 people are working on this game since 2019. If you are looking for a great shooting game in the Roblox platform then this game is for you. Frontlines are included in the best FPS games on the Roblox list.


Because of the simple graphics of Roblox, we can play it on any device. With this, people can enjoy the games together, the graphics of the realistic roblox games we have told in this list are of a different level, we are also surprised to see the way you are.

Creators in Roblox have also made simple demo showcases to show their creativity, we have not included any showcase in this list because it cannot be played properly. We have only included Roblox games with realistic and great graphics.

Hope you have come to know which are the Top 8 realistic games in Roblox and why this game is so realistic and why you should play it.


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