Where is the R3 button on a PS4 Controller

I have seen that PS4 is the most comfortable controller because it is created expertly for gamers. In this, you can easily navigate and have properly labelled buttons also. but If you are here for the R3 button then you came to the right place, here I tell you where is the r3 button on a ps4 controller and other info related to the R3 button.

Where is the R3 button on a PS4 controller?

where is the r3 button on a ps4 controller

In Ps4 the right analog stick is itself a R3 button. just push inward like any button you will hear a soft click, thats mean you pushed the R3 button properly. If you are a player and playing for a long time then you probably know where the button is. In modern current games, this button is required and used frequently, and if you don’t know this button has been used since Playsation1.

PS4 has so many buttons, circle, square, shoulder buttons on top, and many more. every button has labeled but not R3 and L3. The R3 button is right behind the right analog stick. analog stocks are those two sticks near the button of the controller. the left one for movement control and the right stick for perspective control. you just have to push the analog stick inward gently, doesn’t require much force, and then you will hear a soft click sound.


Finding the r3 button on Ps4 is very simple, you just have to push the right stick analog gently, when you hear the sound of a soft click it means that you have properly pushed the button. people get confused because on PS4 there is no label as R3, so it’s obvious. but I hope now you know where is R3 on a Ps4 controller.


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