Why is my Ps4 controller charging but not connecting?

why is my ps4 controller charging but not connecting?

If you’re a gamer, you have experienced the irritating situation where your PS4 controller is charging but refuses to connect. It’s a blip in your game experience. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

After a long day, all you want is some PlayStation 4 time, whether for relaxation or to impress your buddies. You’re ready for some gaming action. Everything is OK, except for one hiccup: your PS4 controller charges but does not connect.

This bug could interfere with your gaming plans and put a damper on your mood. However, guess what? We have your back. Consider us your trusted gaming friends, ready to help you regain your gaming energy and master those virtual difficulties.

Why is my ps4 controller charging but not connecting?

Dealing with a PS4 controller that’s charging but won’t connect? A few things could be causing it. First, make sure your cable is securely connected to both the controller and the console – a loose connection can be sneaky. Damaged cables might also be the troublemakers, so check for any frays. Don’t forget to ensure your controller has enough battery; sometimes, even with charging, it might not have the power to link up. If your controller is connected to multiple devices via Bluetooth, it might be a bit confusing – try disconnecting from the others. And if you’ve got a new controller, be sure it’s a genuine Sony one – knockoffs can be tricky. Tackling these possibilities should get you back to your gaming in no time!

  • Faulty Connections: Double-check cable and console connection.
  • Damaged Cables: Look for frayed or worn-out cables.
  • Low Power: Ensure the controller has enough charge.
  • Connection to Multiple Devices: Disconnect from other devices.
  • Bad or Fake Controllers: Use genuine Sony controllers.

How to Fix ps4 controller charging not connecting issue?

why is my ps4 controller charging but not working
ps4 controller is charging but not connecting

If your PS4 controller is charging but not connecting, it might be due to a hardware issue. Try running some tests to pinpoint the problem before spending money on a technician. You might even find that getting a new controller can solve the problem without needing professional help.

What you can do to fix it:

There are some methods to Fix ps4 controller charging but not connecting:-

Use a Good Cable

Make sure your cable is working and plugged in properly. Try a different cable if needed.

Reset Your Controller

Turn off your PS4, find the tiny reset button at the back of the controller near L2, press and hold it for a moment, then connect the controller and turn on the PS4.

Restart Your PS4

Press hold your power button until you hear a second beep, then unplug and wait a few moments. Plug it back in, turn on your PS4, and connect a controller.

Disconnect from Other Devices

If your controller’s connected to other stuff, disconnect and try again.

Clean Ports

Dust might be messing things up. Clean your USB ports and connectors.

Try Another Controller

If you can, test with a different controller to see if it works.

Factory Reset

Last restore: go to “Settings” > “System” > “Initialize PS4” > “Full.” Warning: this wipes your data.

When the process is finished, your PS4 will reboot and require you to conduct the initial setup as if it were brand new.


In short, dealing with a PS4 controller that charges but does not connect is difficult. However, you now have more clarity on the problem and how to resolve it. The issue could be caused by a poor connection, a worn-out cable, or a low battery. You have several options for dealing with it. You’re on the right track if you’re checking cords, restarting your controller, or trying other options as well. Remember that a little problem-solving can get you back to enjoying your PS4. Have a good time gaming!

Why is my PS4 controller blinking but not connecting?

The problem of the PS4 controller flashing white generally occurs for two reasons. One is due to the low battery, and that means you need to charge your PS4 controller to get it back on track. Another reason is that your controller is trying to connect to your PlayStation 4 but failed due to some unknown factor.

Why is the Light of death red on my PS4 controller?

The PS4 controller is usually flashing red light because it has a low battery. Once the battery of the controller drops below a certain threshold, the LED light will turn red to remind you that it needs to be charged. However, a flashing red light on DualShock 4 can also indicate hardware issues. These problems could be a faulty battery, charging port, or cable.


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