What is a Moon Cricket?

This word sounds like an innocent and imaginary word, but this term is used how we think; this is a racial slur against black people. In the past, when slave days were a thing, black people were called moon cricket. 

When they ran from people for their freedom, they used the moonlight as a guide to run at night. The real meaning of Mooncricket is when slaves start singing and dancing after long, hard work in the moonlight for their master. 

They work so many days and nights; they must entertain the master to sleep. When the full moon and night come, they start playing their traditional music of drums and some salve songs of how they are living. For the white man, they had to sing at night like how ‘crickets’ in moonlight wake them up like a chirping cricket.

What is a moon cricket?

This is a derogatory term for colored people. As the same as saying Nigger. Basically, ‘Mooncricket’ is slang for a black person. From the eastern coast of the United States, This term gained popularity. The word is used as another word for African American and black people. 

The term is mainly used in the US and primarily in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and Tennesee Unfortunately, there is a cafe named ‘Mooncricket Grille’ in Florida founded in 1995, and on the hotel’s website, they said they found this word after a month of search.

One theory suggests that this term begins with US Slaves singing songs for their community and resistance at night after work. Crickets are known to chirp in the night when the moon is out.

Who uses Moon Crickets?

In 2015, a basketball coach used the term ‘moon crickets’ for two black players. In 2017, A Facebook account of an Oklahoma police officer was hecked with racist posts. 


Moon cricket is a forgotten term and rarely used, and many people don’t know what it is where this term comes from or how to use it. Fortunately, in the past, this word was used to make people slave, but in today’s world, most people don’t use it and stop others from using it. 

Today, people are open-minded and have mutual respect for each human or citizen. We should not make mistakes that were made in the past, but we can take lessons from that and make ourselves and our society more peaceful and diverse. We have talked about what is moon cricket how it started, and why people use this term for black people; let me know If you have any questions regarding this topic. You can comment if you have any questions.


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