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Minecraft Roleplaying Servers ip list

As you know, in the list of most famous games in the world, Minecraft is at the top because people love Minecraft World so much. Stay with us if you don’t know why people love them. You will get to know them.

In this article, we show the 6 best Minecraft servers for roleplay and why these servers are best for roleplay. If you want answers to these questions, then check the list below.

Let’s start the list of amazing and entertaining servers of Minecraft World, that I s 6 best Minecraft Servers for roleplay. 

6. Potterworld


Potterworld is one of the best Minecraft servers for roleplay; Potterworld achieved this place in recent times and still remains in this place. In this game, you play around the deadliest environment, and you play in and complete the magical challenges with your friends. With your friends, you can explore this world of Minecraft.

This server is like a family-friendly server. You can play this game. The server IP is given below. When you go to the server, just click yes if they ask for permission, and then it automatically downloads after logging in. Always follow the rules of the server.


5. Pixelmon

minecraft servers roleplay

From the word ‘Pixemon’, you can guess that the Anime series inspired this. This world Minecraft supports multiplayer mods and adds more than 200 alive Pokemons. In this Pixelmon server, every Pixelmon has its own habits, attributes, aggression damage, training, and armor. The best part is after the battle, these can be captured in 3D Pokeballs. It has an easy-to-use GUI and also has an enhanced mod.

You can find the top Minecraft Pixelmon servers online or on their website ‘’. This Pixelmon server comes with different features. If you are a Pokemon fan of any age, then you will love these Minecraft Pixelmon servers. You can see the top Minecraft Pixelmon servers here ‘’

4. NationsGlory

minecraft roleplaying server ip

Since 2013, NationsGlory has been the World’s first Earth Server. This game is like Earth; you can create a country like Earth and develop it into an Empire! You can fight and make alliances with other players. This game will be entertaining if you are creative. You have to recreate an environment like Earth; you can create and develop a lifelike country.

Here you can see Missiles, Military, Arsenal, Space rockets, machines, agriculture vehicles, 2000+ new blocks and more planets. This game is available on JAVA and Bedrock Edition. 

  • Server IP of NationsGlory is :
  • Website:
  • Discord:

3. SchoolRP


This roleplay server is awesome. In today’s time, School roleplaying games are in trend, and one of the best is the SchoolRP Roleplay Server. In this server, You can do many exciting and entertaining things like going to your dorms, getting spitballs, getting staple guns, going to fish, going to bed, and going to the ‘dark alleyway’.

You can do anything on this server with your creativity. You can create your character and kill your character; like this, you can do so many crazy things. SchoolRp has three game modes: Fun, Roleplay, and School. After graduation, you can choose new roles like news reporter, teacher, police officer, etc.

The IP of this server is:

2. The Mining Dead

The Mining Dead

This Minecraft server is from IgnitingIce. You have to make teams and play with other players, You have to fight with guns, you can choose from over 30 unique kits, and you can enter The Mining Dead server’s 5000 by 5000 map!

This server now supports Bedrock Edition; in this, you can see Anarchy, Crafting Dead, guns, mines, and zombie survival, which are the game modes of The Mining Dead. The IP address of The Mining Dead- (The Walking Dead) is

1. Piratecraft


This server is all about making and selling ships, attacking through cannons, and having to survive. If you leave this game playing for months and years after you return, you can start where you left the game. 

In this server, the Staff team acts like police; they will interact when asked. You have to make your way in Piratecraft; whether you want to play solo or an empire, it’s your choice. You can make your empire or join others; it is up to you which rules you want to follow. 

You can build, sail, destroy, steal, and sink Pirate ships and build, attach, and shoot cannons. 

  • IP address:
  • Java Server IP:
  • Discord:


So, these are the best 6 roleplay Minecraft servers; You will like these games if you are interested in roleplay Minecraft Servers. You can experience the best Roleplay servers from this list.


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