How To Make a Saddle in Minecraft [Complete Guide]

How to make a saddle in minecraft survival

Use the saddle if you want to ride and control a horse or a camel new in Minecraft. This item unlocks one of the game’s most reliable means of transportation. The height of the camber gives the saddle wearer a significant tactical edge. Still, where can you find the saddle in Minecraft? Can saddles be made? Our detailed guide will address these concerns and explain how to get the saddle in Minecraft.

How to make a Saddle in Survival Craft in Minecraft

The saddle cannot be made in Survival Mode, but you can find it in multiple places.

How to find a saddle in Minecraft Survival Mode

3 ways to find a saddle in Minecraft Survival Mode very easily.

1. Find a Chest in the Dungeon

How do you make a saddle in minecraft

The easiest way to get the saddle is by looting a chest while exploring the dungeon. Dungeons generate naturally in the overworld, often containing a mob spawner and up to two chests. Be careful, though, because the generated mobs will be hostile – you have a 40% – 50% chance of being a zombie, a 25% chance of being a skeleton, and a quarter of a chance of being a spider.

2. Find a Chest in the Nether Fortress

How to make a saddle in minecraft pe survival

Slightly more complicated, players must first create a Nether Portal to explore the Nether region. This can be done by building a frame with fourteen Obsidian, then activating the portal with Flint and Steel or Fire Charger.

Once in the realm of the Nether, heading to the fort and looting chests can get you the saddle – just make sure you’re ready, as the fort is full of obstacles.

3. Catch a Saddle When Fishing

How to build a saddle in Minecraft

We’re unsure of the logic, but you can hold a saddle while fishing. Cast your fishing line into the water reservoir and watch for bubbles coming out of the water. If you wait patiently, the bubbles will rise towards your fishing line and eventually pull down your bobber – this is your signal to reel in your fishing line.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a saddle that will automatically be added to your inventory, though be careful as this may take a few tries.


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