How Big is a Minecraft World?

What Is the Size of a Minecraft World?

The Minecraft game is the most popular in the world because of its open-ended and vast gameplay. But do you know how big a Minecraft world is? We will tell you what the size of Minecraft World is and what it means for players. In this article we will talk about how big is a Minecraft world, Do Minecraft Worlds Have an End and why are Minecraft worlds so big.

you should know that the generation of Minecraft worlds is not infinite, but it creates enough physical blocks for players. The answer to this question How Big Is a Minecraft World? is complex but we can say that Minecraft worlds generation depends on the player’s hardware limitation. 

How Big Is a Minecraft World?

how large are minecraft worlds
how large is the minecraft world

First, you should note that Minecraft worlds are created dynamically which means when players explore the world then they create more worlds of Minecraft. This means the Minecraft world can be vast depending on the game and how much is generated by the game. 

Theoretically, you could expand the Minecraft world by 30 million blocks in each direction from the spawn point, but most computers can’t handle blocks that big. One Minecraft block is equal to the real world one meter, that’s means Minecraft worlds size can stretch 60 million square meters or the same as five times the diameter of Earth.

The Minecraft world’s height is 320 blocks. That means if you dig down as far as them you can reach the lava. Some people found some ways to extend this limit also by modifying code, but after this also the size will exceed the limit of the device hardware. 

Do Minecraft Worlds Have an End?

In older versions, we can see the far lands by the edge of the map only, with distorted blocks, we can’t go beyond this. you can see far lands but only with Minecraft mods. Now, you can’t exceed the limit of your device hardware, you can as far as your device allows you. 

From a spawn you can go up to 30 million blocks, here you can see and hit a wall but you can’t go beyond this. The size of the game world depends on the current device and does not depend on what is created when you install a custom Minecraft map. you can extend your world by building a Nether Portal, but from this, you can only extend 127 blooks high. when you reach the nether boundaries you will hit bedrock. 

Why are Minecraft worlds so big?

You may hear from others that Minecraft is infinite, but the size of the Minecraft world depends on your device. Minecraft sets a limit based on the computer’s capability of handling it. From this, the Minecraft world shows as big as possible without crashing or being slow. 

In console games when you generate a new map then you can also select the game’s world size (Medium, small, large). In-game worlds can be made bigger by settings but can’t be made smaller.


If we measure in real life Minecraft worlds can be 60 million meters in size. words border stops the player from exceeding the worlds, if this will be removed then players can continue to play games until less machine crashes from memory.

Because of the technology players may prohibit limitless experience, but we are humans, for infinite gameplay experience it can take more lifetimes.

but what Minecraft worlds provide us is not small, for the amazing gameplay experience of Minecraft worlds we have enough room to enjoy and experience for years to come.

How big is a Minecraft world?

The default size of a Minecraft world is 60 million square meters – roughly equal to the size of the continent of Australia. It’s a vast area to explore, and it’s unlikely that any one player will be able to visit every corner of it.

How big are Minecraft worlds on Xbox One?

One block in Minecraft is equal to one real-world meter, meaning that the Minecraft world could potentially span up to 60 million meters, or about five times the diameter of Earth. There is a height limit of 320 blocks for all Minecraft worlds. If you dig as far as possible, you’ll eventually reach impassable lava.


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