Top 5 Best Horror Multiplayer Games 🕹️ To Play With Friends

Scary multiplayer horror games to play with your friends pc

Certain horror games can become incredibly terrifying when played alone. The necessity of depending on someone else during distressing and frightening in-game scenarios can significantly amplify the fear factor. Let’s see the top 5 best horror games on PC multiplayer to play with friends.

1. Death Horizon: Reloaded

best multiplayer horror games pc

Put on a VR headset and prepare to annihilate those undead masses in Death Horizon: Reloaded by Horizon Lab LLP. This intense first-person shooter puts you in the shoes of someone trying to escape from the Horizon Scientific Research Labs following an outbreak of a mutagenic virus. Distorted and eerie monstrosities wander the corridors, and you’re the sole person available to handle the situation.

It is a game brimming with action, showcasing a variety of intriguing and gratifying firearms to shoot, with a selection that even allows you to dual-wield some of them for those iconic Rambo-style moments. 

2. The Outlast Trials

best horror games to play with friends

Outlast Trials, a game developed by Red Barrels, offers the same spine-tingling horror players have come to love, along with an exhilarating multiplayer component. Get your friends together since there is a vast scientific study to explore.

Immerse yourself in various unusual challenges, each with a distinct spooky theme and a particular crazy guardian. The tension rises to a high level. 

3. The Highrise

fun horror games to play with friends

You should purchase The Highrise from Studio Hatch when it enters Early Access since it is a mostly undiscovered indie horror masterpiece. You and a group of buddies are trapped inside a tall structure, and you must cooperate to acquire materials to make equipment and weapons that will help you try to escape.

But there, you’re not by yourself. Strange creatures with acute senses lurk in dark corners and nest in abandoned spaces, hoping to make you the next item on the lunch menu. It’s up to your squad to determine how much risk they’re prepared to take to try and signal for help because they get stronger the lower you go. The game still has much life because the developers update it frequently.

4. Remnant Records

horror games online multiplayer

 It’s in Early Access and falls into the investigation genre. To kick out those mischievous local spirits, you’ve got to dig up clues and unearth objects within each house that connect to the trapped ghost.  Each time you play, your investigation takes a different route, and the story it unfolds changes, too. There’s a load of special equipment to unlock and many ghosts to send packing into the shadows.

5. Dead Island 2

horror games to play with friends

After spending quite a while in development uncertainty, Dead Island 2 has finally emerged from that phase and is now available for a full release on various gaming platforms. 

This time, the setting is LA instead of an island, introducing a fresh cast of characters reminiscent of those from Saturday morning cartoons. There are even a few appearances from beloved characters to maintain a connection to the original while exploring new territory. 

While the single-player experience holds up well, the chaos escalates when you team up with friends to roam the zombie-infested shores and streets of sunny Los Angeles. The Hollywood Hills have transformed into a nightmarish landscape, so consider breaking into those Bel Air mansions and stocking up on supplies if you’re aiming to survive.


These are the top 5 horror games online multiplayer to play with friends. We selected only the top 5 horror games in current times. Now, you can enjoy these horror games; if you have any questions about this topic, let me know in the comment section.


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